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Enchanted Forest of Yakushima, Japan

Shinrin-Yoku 森林浴 Forest Bathing

Shinrin-yoku ( 森林浴 ), or “forest bath”, is the Japanese practice of “bathing” oneself in nature. Forest bathing is both a physiological and psychological practice that allows us to disconnect from technology, reconnect with ourselves, and feel at one with the earth’s natural energy.

Japanese researchers found that forest bathing can actually be considered a form of therapy – ecotherapy – and that spending time in nature is good for our souls. However, this is not a revolutionary concept. For thousands of years, humans all over the world have recognized how important nature is to our physical and mental health.


Bamboo Forest In Arashiyama, Japan

The natural world is continually inviting us to revitalize our energy through unique sensory explorations. The practice is simple – set aside a couple of hours to be in silence and walk through a peaceful natural environment.

What if you want to take a forest bath but you live in a big city? We suggest finding the nearest park or garden and taking a long stroll at sunrise while the area is quiet. What better time to soak in the nature that surrounds you and use the sun to energize your day. When was the last time you fully immersed yourself in nature? Is the forest calling your name?