VIOLET Agate Pendant Necklace


Each Violet Agate Pendant Necklace is cleansed with sage and infused with the DNA healing vibration on a 16" gold plated chain.

In general, agates are said to tone and strengthen the mind. They are useful in removing envy and easing stressful situations. Though it is considered grounding, this stone also provides a sense of strength, self-confidence, and courage. Using this gemstone will allow you to weed out the truth and accept circumstances as they are. Agate allows you to reach a better physical and emotional balance. It also sharpens your sight, benefits your mind, and aids your eloquence. Agate strengthens the power of the sun in your astrological sign when you wear it.

Whether used as healing amulets or simple ornamentation, the use of agates were wide spread in the ancient world. Dating back to ancient Babylon and Egypt, and continued in Greece, its use was also wide-spread throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. Often used in addition to other stones, this was to strengthen and make sure of the success of the other stone. It was believed that agates could protect their owners from danger and children from falling. Early physicians used them for abdominal pains. Not only healthful for its bearer, this stone may also strengthen eyesight, relieve thirst, and benefit your plants if you wear it while gardening.